Americas Continental
Health Alliance.
ACHA - Americas Continental Health Alliance
Connecting Americas Healthtech ecosystems with the rest of the world

ACHA is a non-profit organization made up of Latin American countries that connects them with different parts of the world, creating regional and global ecosystems in the Health Area in order to generate positive social impact through innovative solutions.

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Go-Global is a program specially thought and designed by ACHA-Americas Continental Health Alliance so that, through its global network of partners, health companies and startups with social impact, who wish to do so, achieve their internationalization.

Innovation as a Service

The Innovation as a Service program is a comprehensive initiative that aims to establish innovation centers within healthcare facilities.

Innovation and Validation Hubs

In order to promote health tech innovation and growth, and technology exchange between the Americas and Europe, ACHA - Americas Continental Health Alliance and its partners are developing Innovation and Validation Hubs in different countries.
Global Silver Tech Hub is a global virtual hub which centralizes evidence and reference-based Health technologies, diagnostic tools, wearables, devices, education and treatment for older adults: a hub for assessment, resources, expert advice and support.
Fight against cervical cancer


We are organized in the form of a regional ecosystem that, in turn, is made up of individual, open, inclusive and free ecosystems, each and every one of them seeking to satisfy local needs in the health area, generating social impact through innovative solutions.


ACHA Academy

One of the main activities of our organization is educational, and it is carried out by ACHA ACADEMY, an institution that, together with renowned organizations and Universities in Latin America and Spain.
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