About us

Connecting Americas Healthtech ecosystems
with the rest of the world

About us

ACHA is a non-profit organization made up of Latin American countries that connects them with different parts of the world, creating regional and global ecosystems in the Health Area in order to generate positive social impact through innovative solutions.

Our Mission

ACHA-Americas Continental Health Alliance's mission is to promote, encourage and support collaboration between Europe, the Americas and other continents so that each human being’s life finds balance and general well-being.
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How do we do it?

Promoting educational and predictive health initiatives for citizens of member countries.

Promoting the permanent development of health professionals and more opportunities in clinical practice by creating a space for scientific and technological knowledge that contributes to the transfer of knowledge.

Providing quick and easy access from technology experts to healthcare professionals..

Facilitating international academic discussion.
Democratizing access to digital technology by supporting entrepreneurship and innovative initiatives related to health.

Creating spaces for the transfer of knowledge between universities, health organizations and research centers, inviting patients to participate in them with the aim of increasing digital literacy.

Supporting industry, startups and the academic environment in promoting accessible solutions for the majority of the population in order to generate impact.
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