Global Health Technology Observatory
Connecting Americas Health Tech ecosystems
with the rest of the world

Global Health Technology Observatory (GHTO)

Today we are imposing a new paradigm: digital technologies are products of thousands of organizations, startups, universities, industries, hospitals and research centers.
In this framework, it is necessary to know how these technologies are implemented and developed as well as to identify the best local and global practices to achieve a true transformation of health and social service organizations.

Unlike the innovations produced by the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, digital innovations come from very different groups, countries or regions on the planet. In addition, its growth is exponential and extremely fast. This means that it is increasingly difficult to detect the innovations launched and, even more so, to have neutral and honest information about the real impact on clinical performance, data protection security (privacy) and citizen / patient usability.

For this reason, and given its extensive network of health ecosystems in which it actively participates, ACHA-Americas Continental Health Alliance launches, in collaboration with universities from different countries, the Global Health Technology Observatory (GHTO). It is an international space for Health Tech companies and startups to present technologies to a national academic committee -one for each member country- to observe and approve them. Once approved, these technologies will become part of the observatory (accessible to all).

Global Health Technology Observatory activities

The companies that want their technology to be published in the Observatory must make a presentation to the university representatives of the Observatory in each country. These representatives – university professors – will analyze, test and eventually endorse such technology. The universities of each country will designate their representatives, they will designate their representatives in the Observatory Committee, in charge of evaluating the technologies presented.

Startups and technology companies will be able to present success stories on the use of their technology to the University Observatory Committee of each country. This will be in charge of analyzing the success story and, eventually, approving its publication.

The GHTO will offer universities and research institutions the possibility of publishing their ongoing scientific research as well as their challenges in relation to possible international collaborations (experts with experience in a certain field).

ACHA-Americas Continental Health Alliance will produce educational audiovisual content and deliver courses for healthcare professionals, aimed at digital transformation. Such content, which may be created in collaboration with universities, will be sponsored by companies. Since the content may not be enough for professionals to apply the technology in hospitals / clinics, a free and voluntary expert forum will be available, made up of university professors and advanced students, to answer any questions that may arise. In this sense, the Forum complements and supports the educational content prepared by ACHA-Americas Continental Health Alliance. Members of the expert forum will have access to all GHTO information.

Currently, ACHA-Americas Continental Health Alliance holds meetings with representatives of universities from different countries of the Americas interested in joining and participating in the GHTO activity, as well as with platforms and sponsors interested in accompanying their activities.