ACHA - Americas Continental Health Alliance.
Connecting the Health Tech ecosystems
of the Americas with the rest of the world

Go Global Program

ACHA - Americas Continental Health Alliance, has decided to launch, together with important partners in LATAM and Europe, a unique program for startups, the “Go-Global” Program.
Go-Global is a program specially thought and designed by ACHA-Americas Continental Health Alliance so that, through its global network of partners, health companies and startups with social impact, who wish to do so, achieve their internationalization.
Go Global has the support of the governments of Germany, Argentina, Spain, Mexico and the United Kingdom, among others.


The goal of the ACHA-Americas Continental Health Alliance is to bring foreign healthcare tech startups and companies to the markets of the Americas and help Latin American healthcare tech startups and companies make a soft landing in the rest of the world.

Services for setting up in Latam

ACHA-Americas Continental Health Alliance also provides go-to market and soft-landing services for healthcare technology, digital health, biotechnology, diagnostic and predictive care, genetics, monitoring, real-world data, and health devices companies seeking to scale in the Latin American market. Companies receive support and guidance in market research and its regulations, subsidies, grants and financing, among others.

Nowadays, companies looking for geographic growth consider Latin American markets an excellent option. Of course, doing so poses a huge challenge: Overcoming language barriers, financial, legal and even cultural differences. This is where our complete offer of go-to market and soft-landing services comes into play. A team made up of people with solid experience and a deep knowledge of the LATAM markets is ready to collaborate in the assembly of both the strategy and the commercial development necessary to help companies overcome the obstacles that  might arise, set up and expand with success in the Americas.

Commercial, corporate, legal, financial advice and market intelligence are just some of the ACHA-Americas Continental Health Alliance services that companies wishing to establish in our region can count on. We firmly believe that our vast know-how and teamwork are the key to success.

If you wish to inquire about the services of ACHA-Americas Continental Health Alliance, contact us.