Innovation as a Service

The Program

The Innovation as a Service program is a comprehensive initiative that aims to establish innovation centers within healthcare facilities.
These centers will serve as hubs for the development and implementation of new technologies, processes, and services that can improve the quality and efficiency of care delivery. The program is designed to take into account the unique characteristics and capabilities of each institution, ensuring that the solutions developed are tailored to meet their specific needs.


Throughout the program, there will be a continuous monitoring and evaluation of the progress and results of the innovation centers. The program is expected to improve the healthcare institutions’ capabilities and services as well as to enhance the patient’s experience.

Part of our offering is to sponsor Innovation as a Service programs for hospitals in the framework of companies´ Social Responsibility budgets or other governmental sponsorships or grants.

The aims

The Innovation as a Service program aims to support healthcare facilities in building and maintaining an innovative environment.

Our program is designed to help healthcare institutions improve patient outcomes and care delivery, by providing them with the necessary resources to implement new technologies, improve processes and workflows, and foster a culture of innovation.

Our Services

Our program includes several key elements that help healthcare institutions achieve their goals.
We provide consultancy services tailored to the specific needs of each institution, taking into account their unique capabilities and particularities.

Our services include resources to implement, build, manage and execute an innovation center. We help institutions to identify areas of improvement, and suggest changes to boost current processes.

By doing so we can have a direct impact on results before the implementation of new technologies.

Ecosystem development

We also help institutions to foster a culture of innovation by creating a collaboration ecosystem among the different innovation centers to promote sharing of best practices and knowledge exchange, and by supporting research and development initiatives.

Additionally, our program has a broader goal of aligning with the European Health Data Space mission, to expand the secondary use of health data, to unify data from different sources and create data repositories that will be able to comply with the European mission by using AI and machine learning.