ACHA - Americas Continental Health Alliance.
Connecting Americas Health Tech ecosystems
with the rest of the world
ACHA-Americas Continental Health Alliance is organized in the form of a regional ecosystem that, in turn, is made up of individual, open, inclusive and free ecosystems, each and every one of them seeking to satisfy local needs in the area of health generating social impact through innovative solutions.
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Ecosystems are open, inclusive and free for all participants:
patients, volunteers, doctors and health professionals, hospitals and clinics, scientists, universities, laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry, providers, regular or prepaid health insurance systems , insurers, manufacturers, suppliers and technology companies, startups, health tech industry (from large corporations to SMEs), VCs, incubators, accelerators and venture-builders, social assistance, research organizations and foundations, non-profit organizations, regional health authorities, States, municipalities, among others.

Ecosystem Activities

The ecosystem activities are all designed and carried out in order to meet the objective of satisfying local needs through innovative technological solutions and “Connected Health” services. Within this framework, the Ecosystems actively participate in a calendar of events and webinars, programs for startups, educational initiatives and an agenda of internal activities.


Promoting educational and predictive health initiatives for citizens of member countries.

Promoting the permanent development of health professionals and more opportunities in clinical practice by creating a space for scientific and technological knowledge that contributes to the transfer of knowledge

Providing quick and easy access from technology experts to healthcare professionals.

Facilitating international academic discussion.
Democratizing access to digital technology by supporting entrepreneurship and innovative initiatives related to health.

Creating spaces for the transfer of knowledge between universities, health organizations and research centers, inviting patients to participate in them with the aim of increasing digital literacy.

Supporting industry, startups and the academic world in promoting accessible solutions for the majority of the population in order to generate social impact.

Ecosystem members






EEUU (Prox.)

España (Prox.)

Israel (Prox.)



How to add an Ecosystem to ACHA-Americas Continental Health Alliance

It is important that those interested in launching a new Ecosystem and being part of the ACHA-Americas Continental Health Alliance previously identify the problems and needs of their country. Just as countries are different, so are their problems and needs, therefore, it is essential to have an X-ray as accurate as possible in order to then be able to formulate a diagnosis and an action plan in accordance with them. The outline, then, is a complete description of the problem and / or need for a possible roadmap to address it.
Once the problems and needs of the country have been identified, the pioneer group can approach ACHA-Americas Continental Health Alliance to achieve that, within the framework of a joint work table, we can create both the Ecosystem and the Directory that, within the framework of our organization, will carry out the actions that respond to the problems and needs originally raised.
If you want to embark on this path and establish an Ecosystem, contact us